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Branded Shoppers

With everyone trying that little bit harder to be greener in 2017 it is a perfect time to have a branded shopper as your give away item and with so many styles, colours and prices to choose from it can be difficult to decide. We have done a run down of the shopper bags which we find to be the most popular and the reasons why.

Splurge V's Save

When planning a promotional event or your next give away it can be difficult to decide what item to go for and sometimes where even to start!

Promotional Merchandise

We all know that promotional products are a great idea, as they allow you to say thank you to your customer and create a loyalty for your brand.

Clarin's Promotional Sweatshirts

We offer a variety of work place clothing and with many years experience of printing/embroidery we can guide you on the best options.

Printwear & Promomotion Live 2017

We recently visited the Printwear and Promotion show to meet some of our currently suppliers and look at the new ranges approaching summer so we can give our customers the best quality and range possible